Spotlight on PC Fashion

Integrated Event Planning & Execution

Microsoft OEM Marketing Group



Position Microsoft as an industry leader, by showcasing how PCs can be positioned as a way for consumers to reflect their personal lifestyle, creating a new reason for retailers to assort and consumers to buy a new PC.


  • Showcase and create excitement around the most fashion forward Windows based PC’s at the Consumer Electronics Show.
  • Create global call for submission, secure celebrity judges, models and develop award presentation.
  • Design and produce supporting brochure, video and live fashion show.
  • Provide PR outreach support.


  • Created a strategic shift to how PCs were marketed globally, leading with style and performance.
  • Garnered significant media coverage including, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Computer World, PC World, Women’s Fashion World and more.
  • Increase sales of $1000+ ASP PCs.

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